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Soave (Verona) Progetti per l'efficienza energetica industriale

Our Company

At Bartucci S.p.A. we research, design and develop industrial energy efficiency projects, making direct investments and offering our clients technical and management energy consulting consulting.

Established in 2001, in Soave, Verona, already in 2005 we were certified as an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company), and in 2014 we changed our legal status to become a joint stock company.

Over the years, our operations have spread throughout Italy and we now have offices in Soave, Rome and Milan, with over 300 clients nationwide and a staff of over 50 professionals with the skills and qualifications to identify the best solutions for minimising energy consumption by industrial processes.

We are UNI11352 and ISO9001 certified, since 2012 and 2015, respectively, and view ourselves as partners in the development of turnkey solutions, based on Saving Sharing Energy Performance Contracts (E.P.C.), executing projects which we either directly finance or carry out through the establishment of joint ventures.

We have always been committed to Research & Development and, to this end, we have entered into partnerships with several top Italian institutions of higher education, for the development of cutting-edge technology for the industrial energy efficiency sector.